About Us


Cytoquest Corporation was formed in 1997, as an independent, full service, flow cytometry reference facility, operating within The University Health Network.  Our purpose is to market esoteric cytometry applications to health care provider’s private laboratories and bio-pharmaceutical companies. We are not in business of competing with existing institutional facilities, but to complement them by offering more demanding tailor made cytometry solutions. Until recently our focus was on rare event enumeration, namely umbilical cord blood bone marrow and peripheral blood.  Although Immunophenotyping is still at the core of demand for most cytometry applications, the area is rapidly evolving to encompass many other cytometric applications.

In the last thirteen years Cytoquest has analyzed 50,000 cord blood specimens from various cord blood storage facilities. Every year we process 6000 cord blood samples and that number is projected to grow over the next two years.  We have state of the art flow cytometers that are operated and maintained by licensed clinical flow professionals. Additionally, numerous research studies are being performed within our facility including stem cell mobilization in breast cancer patients, endothelial cell enumeration as a measure of Angiogenesis in solid tumor, and a Malaria trial set to start up in Uganda, Africa.  In our brief history we’ve been designated a beta test site by Beckman Coulter and Becton Dickenson for assay development.  These collaborations help us stay current and involved in the flow cytometry community.  In our 15 years of service we’ve accumulated a large number of contacts and collaborators, we’re certain we’ll be able guide our customers in developing their studies.